When the Government is Responsible for Injuries

When we think of personal injury lawsuits, the first thing that comes to mind is often automobile
accidents or injuries caused by other people.

But who is responsible when the harm or injury is caused by a government employee like a
police officer, a jail guard, or a road worker? Common examples of injuries include auto
accidents caused by government employees, slip and fall accidents in a government office, or
injuries caused by police officers during an arrest. Another frequent situation that most people
don’t think about is harm caused to military veterans by doctors at a VA medical facility.

In some cases, the government and its employees are immune from lawsuits. However, there are
exceptions. Both the state government and federal government can be sued if you follow the
rules created by both the state and federal government. The rules are very complex and attorney
assistance is imperative to analyze your options.

The first step is to submit a request for payment to the governmental agency that caused the
harm. This gives the government the option to pay for its harm before a formal lawsuit is filed in
the courts. The time limit to submit a request directly to the government is short and usually must be done within six (6) months.

The time limit is important, and if a request is not submitted within the required time period, a
lawsuit may be barred indefinitely.

If the government decides that one of its employees was negligent, they can offer a settlement.

If the government decides not to pay, the next option involves filing a lawsuit in a court of law.

In order to proceed with a lawsuit against the government, you need a qualified attorney. The
lawyers at the Berry Law Firm have experienced attorneys who are not afraid to take on
government attorneys to help recover the money you are entitled to receive for your injuries.