Picking the Right Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident or as the result of an assault, dog bite, medical malpractice, and you need an attorney, how can you tell if you got the right attorney?

First, your attorney should be experienced.  He should have a decade or more of practicing law in the area of law you require, and also work with other attorneys who do.  A good personal injury law firm will have the experienced attorneys and resources you need to not only get you in court, but to use experts to prove damages to put you back in the position you would be in had the injury never occurred.  Be sure to ask your attorney about his or her experience in similar cases.

Second, take your time to write down everything that happened before, during, and after the incident.  Who are your witnesses?  Who are your physicians?  How has it impacted you?  When you set up a consultation with your attorney, be sure to err on the side of disclosure and let him know all the facts about your case.  Even if you decide not to hire that attorney, those facts will still be protected by the attorney-client privilege.  Write them down while they are still fresh.

Third, many attorneys will take cases on a contingent fee basis only if they are likely to win – a slam dunk case – but not every case can be done on a contingent fee basis.  Common cases taken on contingent fee bases are automobile accidents, where liability has already been established.  Whether your case is on an hourly bases, a flat fee, or a contingent fee basis, there will also be expenses associated with a lawsuit.  Generally an attorney will pass along those expenses to the client.  Be sure to talk to the attorney you interview ahead of signing the retainer about how the attorney will be compensated, who will pay the expenses and when, and what the projected costs will be.

Finally, a good personal injury attorney will also discuss with you reasonable expectations for how the case will progress.  How long will discovery take?  Who will be deposed?  When will it go to trial?  How long will the trial last?  Is mediation or settlement a possibility?  How will this impact my family?  The decision to file a lawsuit should not be entered into lightly and an experienced trial attorney can educate you, help you make the right decision, and help you understand the process.

At Berry Law Firm, we are ready to help make sure you get the help you need.